Data Protection

For us to comply with Data Protection Regulations, please note the following:

What data is captured for newsletter recipients? .
We record your name and email address.

Why it is needed?
To send the communications from the Police Liaison Group, (including Neighbourhood Watch and Safer Neighbourhood Board updates, Crime updates) to you.

What we will do with the subscription data?
Your data is used to distribute PLG related communications.

Is the subscription data shared?
It is not shared.

What data is captured when you open the newsletter to read?
Mailchimp captures “usage” data on the newsletters sent. It does this for all organisations that use the Mailchimp newsletter service.
This information includes:

  • Time And Date newsletter was sent
  • Time And Date newsletter was opened
  • Time and Date a link was “clicked”
  • Which link was “clicked”
  • If the newsletter failed to deliver
  • Why the newsletter failed to deliver
  • Location at the time the last newsletter was opened
  • Mail client used

What we will do with the usage data?
The usage data is used to ensure the information in the newsletter is of interest to subscribers and remains relevant to our community by providing a focus on what matters to it.

Is the usage data shared?
It is not shared with third parties. Anonymous summaries may be presented at PLG meetings as a base for further development or refinement of the mail and web services.

Where is subscription and usage stored?
The subscription and usage data is stored by Mailchimp on their servers which may be in locations outside the UK.

How long is the subscription and usage data kept?
It will be stored until you remove it or we do at your request.

How to remove your data.
There is an unsubscribe link in each newsletter. This automatically deletes you from the newsletter mailing list.
You will not receive any more newsletters.
You will be asked the reason for unsubscribing. This is a check on the newsletter itself, in case the un-subscription relates to quality or content.
Unsubscribing does not automatically remove your usage data. Mailchimp does not delete the usage data at that point.
The PLG chair is notified of the unsubscribe action by Mailchimp.
The usage data is then manually deleted by the PLG Chair. This may take some days if the Chair is on holiday or otherwise unavailable.
You can also send a mail to stmargaretsandnorthtwickenham@plgrichmond..org and the Co-ordinator will remove you.

Can you see what we hold about you?
You can request to see what data we are holding about you at stmargaretsandnorthtwickenham@plgrichmond..org .

Is any identifiable data captured when you use the stmargaretsandnothtwickenham.plgrichmond.org website?
No identifiable data is captured when you use the stmargaretsandnothtwickenham.plgrichmond.org website.

What generic data is captured when you use the stmargaretsandnothtwickenham.plgrichmond.org website?
Google Analytics are used to capture anonymous “usage” data statistics on the stmargaretsandnothtwickenham.plgrichmond.org website.
This information includes:
  • Pages visited by session
  • Time spent on pages
  • “Landing” pages (e.g. the first page used in a session)
  • Search engines used to find the website
  • The city and country the session originated in
  • The technology used to view the webpage (e.g. mobile, desktop, tablet)
  • Browser used and version
  • Operating system and version
  • Screen dimensions

How do we utilise the stmargaretsandnothtwickenham.plgrichmond.org website usage data?
The usage data is used to measure the effectiveness of the website, ensuring it contains information that the community is interested in.
It is also used to ensure the website is readable by the devices being used to view it and that the pages respond at reasonable speeds. stmargaretsandnothtwickenham.plgrichmond.org is a bespoke website designed for this community, needing to reflect the technology the community uses to access it.

How many email mailboxes does stmargaretsandnothtwickenham.plgrichmond.org use?
There is a single email account and mailbox used with stmargaretsandnothtwickenham.plgrichmond.org.

Why it is needed?
To facilitate communication between the PLG Chair with residents, Safer Neighbourhood team, Metropolitan Police, other neighbourhood watches, other PLG or SNB members or official bodies as required.

Where is the mailbox stored?
The mailbox is stored online with IONOS servers which may not be in the UK.

Is the mailbox shared?
No. Only PLG Chair has access to the mailbox.

How long is email stored for?
Emails from residents are only stored for as long as it takes to answer any minor query. The mail is then deleted.
Emails from residents are stored until a change of chairperson for any major any minor query or dispute to facilitate handovers. They will then be deleted.
We keep messages from Police, Richmond council, PLG members and third parties we have been in contact with to resolve neighbourhood issues, Neighbourhood Watch and OWL
The mail is not stored by us on any personal devices.