Welcome to Police Liaison Group website for St. Margarets and North Twickenham.

This site is dedicated to our local Police Liaison Group (PLG) for St Margarets and North Twickenham ward. This page contains the latest crime figures for the ward, dates for PLG meetings and other meetings.

Reporting a Crime

In An Emergency

Dial 999 for emergencies or where a crime is actually going on.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use the textphone service 18000 or text on 999 if you have pre-registered with the emergencySMS service.

To register for textphone or emergency SMS service here for instructions.

Remember to ensure you are safe to call. If not, get to a safe position then make the call.

When It Is Not An Emergency

Dial 101: to report something that has happened or a suspicious circumstance not amounting to an emergency.

Report online

To report online rather than use 101 use the Metropolitan Police Website - Go to "https://www.met.police.uk"

Note reports can also be made here about stolen vehicles, missing persons, lost and found, anti-social behaviour and road traffic incidents.

Other Ways To Contact Our local Police

Please always report any crime to the police. They have advised that all reported crime will be added to their statistics and will reflect on their level of policing of our neighbourhood. If they do not know crime is occuring they cannot be expected to allocate resources to us.

Safer Neighbourhood Team

There are three ways to engage with our Safer Neighbourhood Team.

You can view their website for local crime statistics, latest information and meetings they may be hosting here.

You can email them at StMargarets&northtwickenham@met.police.uk. The mail has an autoresponder so you should get confirmation it has been received. It is not manned 24/7 so please do not expect an immediate human response and do not use this for emergencies.

You can call them using this number: 02071759465

The telephone number will reach them. If they are not on duty it will be picked up when they come on. If they are on duty they will receive a message that a call has bene made and pick up any message you leave there.

Neither the email address or local number should be used for emergencies. Those calls should always be to 999 or 101/online to report a crime. Please use this email or number to raise local crime issues and concerns.


You can also use the Crimestoppers website and number (0800 555 111) which is anonymous should you not wish to give your name.

Reporting Scams and Phishing

If you spot a scam or have been scammed, please report it and get help. Contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at actionfraud.police.uk.


Use this service to tell the Police about public places where you have felt or feel unsafe via the link below.


It is not to report a crime.

Download a printable copy

You can download a printable copy of the ward contact numbers and details here. This can then be printed to put somewhere in your home where you can easily reference it.

All Richmond Borough Police contacts

Download a printable copy here.

All Police Contacts for the Borough

Reporting Incidents on RFU Stadium Event Days

Download a printable copy here.

Indident Reporting Guide for Match Days

Video Messages from Inspector McLoughlin

Below are two video messages from Inspector Jon McLoughlin, talking about our area and how the Police use Nextdoor, with it's limitations.

Our Area

Use the arrow icon at the bottom left of the video block to play.

Limitations of "Next Door"

Use the arrow icon at the bottom left of the video block to play.

Your Police Liaison Group

About the PLG

A key part of the Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan is improving transparency, accountability and trust in policing. To achieve this, the Police have committed to work with communities via various Community Engagement mechanisms.

Locally this involves Richmond’s Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) and, at ward level, Police Liaison Groups. These are meetings where the residents, neighbourhood watches, local police (Safer Neighbourhood Team) and councillors meet to discuss issues and what is going on in the area.

Richmond is unique in London in that we have Police Liaison Groups, organised by residents via the Safer Neighbourhood board, rather than ward panels organised by the police in other boroughs.

If you want to join or start a local neighbourhood watch, do let us know by mailing here . The PLG chair will then be in touch to help.

You can download a brief guide to the PLG here.

Contact the PLG

Should you wish to contact the PLG to raise a question for the next meeting or something more urgent, please email stmargaretsandnorthtwickenham@plgrichmond.org.

Please note this is not a way to report a crime.

Next meetings and previous minutes

The next PLG meeting will be held on Wednesday March 20th, 6:30pm, at the Winchester Hall, by the Turk's Head in St Margarets.

Minutes of the Jamuary 2024 meeting can be found here.

The next Safer Neighbourhood Board meeting for all of Richmond and Twickenham will be held in York House, Twickenham on Tuesday April 9th 2024 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start.

Minutes of the October 2023 meeting can be found here.

Latest News

PLG in Lineout

The PLG is featured in the latest edition of LineOut, the RFU publication that reaches over 30,000 households. The PLG is included, as are comments from Inspector Jon McLoughlin, within the document which outlines some of the changes the RFU have made for the upcoming Six Nations tournament which will feature two Saturday evening games in Twickenham.

You can download a PDF of LineOut here.

The key message in this feature is that should any issues occur during the game, the public forum for reviewing them with both the Police and RFU will be the PLG being held late March, exact date to be confirmed, at the Winchester Hall, by the Turk’s Head, in St Margarets. Should anyone experience issues and want them discussed do feel free to attend. It is always more effective to deliver first hand experiences than reply on third party reporting or social media.

Remember the guide to reporting issues on event days can be downloaded here.

New Met for London Meeting

New Met for London Wetlands meeting poster

New Met for London meeting at the Wetlands Centre

This is being held at the Wet Lands Centre, Queen Elizabeth Walk, Barnes on Tuesday 19th March 2024 with the main focus being Anti-Social Behaviour.

The meeting is being held at a venue on the east side of the Borough to give every resident the opportunity to partake in a New Met For London Event. The previous two succesful meetings were held in central Twickenham.

The previous meetings have been full, so it is recommended to reserve your free place early.

You can book via the Eventbrite link here.

Sexual Violence Helpline

Sexual violence flyer page one
Sexual violence flyer page two

Sexual Violence Helpline

Download the leaflet above for sharing here.

January 2024 Reported Crime

Download as a PDF here.

Date Location Crime Details
02/01/2024 Railshead Road Burglary - Business and Community Suspect has damaged victim's door and trespassed soon after, before being scared off
02/01/2024 Whitton Road Sending Letters With Intent to Cause Distress Victim is being phoned by suspects who then abuse her over the phone
03/01/2024 Globe House Criminal Damage to Other Property Over £5000 ANPR camera burnt out by unknown suspects
03/01/2024 The Avenue Criminal Damage to Other Property £500-£5000 ULEZ camera has been burnt out by unknown suspect
04/01/2024 Kilmorey Gardens Common Assault Victim has stated suspect has frozen both of her finance accounts
04/01/2024 Chertsey Road Theft from Motor Vehicle Personal belongings from vehicle stolen
04/01/2024 Westmoreland Close Criminal Damage to Other Property Under £500 Unknown suspect has cut victim's CCTV cable
04/01/2024 London Road Common Assault Disabled victim alleged carer at supported living accommondation hurt his arm
05/01/2024 Whitton Road Attempted Robbery of Personal Property Suspect approached victim on e-scooter and demanded phone, threatened to take out a weapon but none seen
06/01/2024 Godstone Road Theft of Pedal Cycle Pedal cycle stolen from garden
07/01/2024 Whitton Road Theft - Other Victim's phone stolen in gym locker room by unknown suspect
08/01/2024 Langhorn Drive Burglary - Business amd Community Burglary of a workshop in Richmond College
08/01/2024 London Road Robbery of Personal Property Young victim was robbed of mobile phone and cash amounting to £5
08/01/2024 Crown Road Attempted Sexual Assault of a Female Whilst at work, the suspect attempted to kiss and hug the victim without consent
09/01/2024 Heathcote Road Theft from Motor Vehicle Rear window smashed and Brompton Junction bicycle stolen
10/01/2024 Crown Road Unlawful Importation of a Controlled Drug Controlled drug seized by UK Border Force
10/01/2024 Whitton Road Theft - Other Victim unsure if her bank card was lost/stolen and is now being used by unknown suspect
10/01/2024 Langhorn Drive Theft from Motor Vehicle Victim's work laptop and documents stolen from vehicle
11/01/2024 Ranelagh Drive Burglary - Business and Community Two suspects detained after attempting to break into outbuilding owned by Thames Water with ankle grinder
13/01/2024 Heathfield North Residential Burglary of a Home Neighbours witnessed victim's house being burgled and victim's vehicle stolen
13/01/2024 Burnside Close Attempted Residential Burglary of a Home Suspects have smashed a window of house to burgle but have been scared off by resident
14/01/2024 Haliburton Road Common Assault Suspect has grabbed victim by the shoulders during a verbal argument
15/01/2024 Latham Road Residential Burglary of a Home Suspect(s) gained entry via locked first floor window which was forced open and untidy search conducted. One laptop stolen
15/01/2024 St. Peters Road Sending Letters With Intent to Cause Distress Victim reported racial comments said by his neighbour over the phone
15/01/2024 St. Margarets Road Theft From the Person of Another Unknown suspect has pickpocketed victim of their mobile phone
16/01/2024 The Avenue Blackmail Suspect threaten to send explicit photographs of victim to friends and family if she did not pay him £50
17/01/2024 Railshead Road Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) Suspect has slapped the victim across the face and thrown food at her
17/01/2024 St Margarets Road Theft From the Person of Another Unknown suspect has taken a necklace from the victim's bag on the bus
18/01/2024 Langhorn Drive Theft - Other Coat stolen from cloakroom at venue
19/01/2024 Craneford Way Robbery of Personal Property Suspects approached victim and asked them to empty pockets. Victim was held by two suspects, had a knife held to their throat, and made threats
20/01/2024 London Road Common Assault Suspect has pushed victim during an argument about parking
21/01/2024 Ailsa Avenue Criminal Damage to Other Proprety under £500 Victim's roof has been damaged
22/01/2024 Whitton Road Criminal Damage to a Building Other Than A Dwelling £500-£5000 Four suspects have spray painted graffitti at Twickenham Stadium and written "FREE GAZA" in red paint
22/01/2024 Whitton Road Theft - Other Victim reports phone stolen by an unknown suspect
22/01/2024 Whitton Road Actual Bodily Harm (ABH) Victim was protecting a soldier during a protest and was hit by the suspect, who intended to hit the soldier
23/01/2024 Whitton Road Possession of Cannabis Small smoked joint found inside a vehicle
24/01/2024 Egerton Road Common Assault Suspect has grabbed victim's hair from behind and proceeded to kick and knee the victim in the face and stomach
24/01/2024 Whitton Road Common Assault Victim was headbutted on a bus
24/01/2024 Burnside Close Common Assault Victim was pushed by the suspect causing his phone to fall out of his hand
26/10/2024 Egerton Road Theft from Motor Vehicle Rear window smashed and backpack stolen containing expensive perosnal items
26/01/2024 Langhorn Drive Theft from Motor Vehicle Unknown suspect has broken into vehicle and stolen various personal property from inside
26/01/2024 Langhorn Drive Theft from Motor Vehicle Suspect has smashed the rear window and and stolen propertty from inside the car
26/01/2024 Langhorn Drive Theft from Motor Vehicle Suspect has had rear window smashed and a bag has been stolen
26/01/2024 Langhorn Drive Theft from Motor Vehicle Unattended Mini Cooper has had rear window smashed rear windscreen of vehicle and laptop stolen
27/01/2024 St Margarets Road Theft of Motor Vehicle Theft of a motorcycle from outside the victim's property
27/01/2024 Langhorn Drive Theft From the Person of Another Victim had his mobile phone stolen from his back pocket
27/01/2024 St Margarets Road Theft - Other Suspect has stolen items which were out of sight and believed to have left via a fire exit
30/01/2024 Craneford Way Stalking Involving Serious Alarm / Distress Suspect followed victim to work / when he is out with friends. Suspect has caused alarm to victim's mother, call victim's friends and has caused damage to his vehicles
30/01/2024 Burnside Close Residential Burglary of a Home Untidy search conducted of the home and property stolen
30/01/2024 St Margarets Grove Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) Suspect has broken the ribs of the victim, bruised him and caused scratching to the face
31/01/2024 Rugby Road Theft - Other Suspect entered victim's storage facility, broken and stolen items
31/01/2024 Ranelagh Drive Theft from Motor Vehicle Victim's van was broken into

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